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About, Treasure Factory


Treasure Factory is one of the largest reuse companies in Japan, operating under the management philosophy of "providing people with joy, discovery, and inspiration.

Treasure Factory's founder, President Eigo Nosaka, founded the company when he was a student and saw large amounts of furniture and electrical appliances being thrown away every day simply because they could not be bought, even though they were still usable, with the desire to "create a society where things are not disposable and can be reused". The company was established out of a desire to create a society where things are not disposable and can be reused.

There is a growing focus on the reuse industry in which we operate.
More than 7 trillion yen of unwanted goods are produced annually, awareness of sharing is spreading, and the reuse market as a whole is growing significantly.
Our basic policy is to sell products purchased at our stores through our stores, but in order to meet more needs, we are working to strengthen our non-store purchase channels and sell products suitable for online sales on our own website, as well as through domestic and global e-commerce sales.


Currently, there are approximately 200 directly managed stores in Japan, with approximately 280 stores in the entire group, and six stores overseas, four in Thailand and two in Taiwan.
We will continue to develop our business globally, aiming to make reuse stores an indispensable presence in countries around the world.

Origin of the company name

Treasure Factory: (Treasure Factory) "Reclamation Factory of Value
A "thing" loses its value when it is no longer needed by its owner.
We want to play the role of a factory that gives value to these "things" once again and sends them out into the world.
This is how we named our company at the time of our founding.


Company Profile

Company Name: Treasure Factory Co.
Treasure Factory Co., LTD.
Establishment: May 25, 1995

Representative: Eigo Nosaka, President and Representative Director