【WTAPS & NEIGHBORHOOD】Japanese street brand attracting worldwide attention

【WTAPS & NEIGHBORHOOD】Japanese street brand attracting worldwide attention

Urahara" is one of the most popular Japanese fashion cultures in the world. There, you will find some of Japan's leading designers, creators, and artists such as GOOD ENOUGH and Fragment design, who are also involved in fashion, music, and other fields, as well as Hiroshi Fujiwara, who holds many titles, and NIGO (former designer of A BATHING APE Hiroshi Fujiwara, NIGO (former designer of A BATHING APE and HUMAN MADE) and Jun Takahashi (designer of UNDERCOVER), who launched NOWHERE, have also established and supported the Urahara culture.

Both of these brands, WTAPS by Toru Nishiyama and NEIGHBORHOOD by Shinsuke Takizawa, established the Urahara culture in the 1990s together with NIGO, Jun Takahashi, Hiroshi Fujiwara and others. Toru Nishiyama is currently involved with FORTY PERCENT AGAINST RIGHTS and DESCENDANT. We will also introduce recommended items from these two brands.

First is WTAPS.

WTAPS is a particularly popular brand for military items such as the M-65, and has collaborated with many brands including stussy, SUPREME, VANS, and Dr. Martens, where he worked.

WTAPS has some items that push the brand logo out the front, but there are also items with "WTVUA" written on them. This is said to mean "WTAPS VISUAL UP ARMORED".

There are also items that feature a crossed-out bone design.

NEIGHBORHOOD offers basic items while incorporating elements of motorcycle, military, and outdoor clothing. NEIGHBORHOOD also collaborates with many brands, such as stussy, VISVIM, A BATHING APE, FRAGMENT, and ADIDAS.

Among them, the triple collaboration between FUTURA and Marmot, which is also available in our store, is a fascinating item that incorporates the functionality that Marmot has cultivated while incorporating military elements into its design.

In addition, collaboration items with SHOYOROLL are also very popular in the secondary market and are highly scarce in Japan as they incorporate a playful design in a silhouette with a Japanese atmosphere.

Of course, these two brands go well together, so I think it would be very interesting to coordinate the two brands together. Why not take this opportunity to use them for your backyard culture?