【LOUIS VUITTON × Takashi Murakami】The world's best brand and Japan's leading contemporary artist Collaboration

【LOUIS VUITTON × Takashi Murakami】The world's best brand and Japan's leading contemporary artist Collaboration

Takashi Murakami is one of Japan's leading contemporary artists along with Yayoi Kusama. He has attracted worldwide attention by finding commonalities between the composition of traditional Japanese paintings and the subculture of otaku culture, especially anime, which has become a part of Japanese culture. He is also the president of Kaikai Kiki Ltd., a company that produces and sells artwork and produces films and animation. Takashi Murakami has collaborated with NIKE, New Era, VANS, and even Doraemon, and some of his items are still sold at high prices.

 Among Takashi Murakami's works, we would like to introduce a collaboration item with LOUIS VUITTON.


This piece was introduced in 2003 as part of Takashi Murakami's collaborative line of bags with contrasting cherry blossoms and monograms. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and use for simple outings.


The following year, 2004, they released a new item with contrasting monograms and cherries. The monogram and cherries are in contrast, and it was because of the cherry blossoms on the 2003 piece that the collaboration item with cherries was released for 2004. It is a very Takashi Murakami idea.


And now, as the months go by, another collaboration between Takashi Murakami and Marc Jacobs will appear in the fall/winter of 2008. That is this Monogram and mohlage line. The camouflage pattern is originally intended to "blend in with the surrounding scenery, deceive the enemy's gaze, and prevent the object from being discovered. The monogram is a bold and playful design by Takashi Murakami.


Last but not least is the "COSMIC BLOSSOM" line released in the spring of 2010. It is a more pop-inspired rendition of Takashi Murakami's iconic "Murakami Flower. At the time, "COSMIC BLOSSOM" offered a wide range of items from leather items to one-piece dresses and prêt-à-porter. The use of Daisy Lowe for the image visuals was also a hot topic.

We also have many other LOUIS VUITTON items available, so please take a look.