【ISSEY MIYAKE】Introducing recently arrived pleated items that we recommend.

【ISSEY MIYAKE】Introducing recently arrived pleated items that we recommend.

ISSEY MIYAKE, a leading Japanese brand, has been pursuing the pleating technology born from Issey Miyake's idea of "a piece of cloth" for more than half a century of its history. The first item introduced by ISSEY MIYAKE is an item using 3D steam stretch technology, which was created in 2015 through research and trial and error.

3D Steam Stretch is a technology created by Yoshiyuki Miyamae, the designer at that time, who wanted to make clothes that "wear like the wind". This technology is dynamic in appearance, but lighter than it looks. a-POC and pleating technology was already advanced around 2015, but using stretch material to create clothes with a three-dimensional feel was revolutionary. That is why this series is now very rare and the prices are skyrocketing.


And of course, pleated items such as ISSEY MIYAKE and PLEATS PLEASE are coming in rapidly.An asymmetrical 22SS ISSEY MIYAKE dress with a different silhouette on each side. The overall pattern also has a unique atmosphere with a strong presence.

This sleeveless dress is shiny and has geometric pleats. This is one item that will give you a luxurious atmosphere while also distinguishing you from others.

Many other ISSEY MIYAKE and PLEATS PLEASE items are arriving every week, so please be sure to check them out.