【GUCCI】A masterpiece born in the masterful fusion of GUCCI tradition and innovation.

【GUCCI】A masterpiece born in the masterful fusion of GUCCI tradition and innovation.

GUCCI Cruise 2018 collection, presented for the first time at the Palatina Museum in Palazzo Pitti in Florence, showcases Michele's masterful ability to blend different cultural and historical references to create a unique and cohesive vision. The collection features a range of accessories and clothing adorned with classical motifs like laurel crowns and ancient Greek instruments, as well as animal motifs such as tigers and cats.

The new words "GUCCY," "GUCCIFY," and "GUCCIFICATION," a play on the brand's logo, are also prominently featured throughout the collection, adding a playful and irreverent touch to the pieces. The collection's title, "Festina Lente," is a Latin phrase meaning "make haste slowly," which is also the motto of Augustus and Titus, two Roman emperors, and the Medici family.

Overall, the Gucci Cruise 2018 collection is a masterful blend of tradition and innovation, featuring a range of accessories and clothing that showcase Michele's signature eclecticism and Renaissance beauty. The collection's mix of classical motifs, animal prints, and unexpected details makes it a standout in the fashion world and a testament to Michele's innovative and creative vision.

One of the most eye-catching pieces is the Souvenir Jacket introduced here, with a bold embroidered motif on the back reminiscent of Japanese Ukiyoe Shunga (traditional Japanese woodblock prints). The jacket also features a Gucci logo embroidered in pearls, which shows Michele's attention to unexpected and playful details.

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