Collaboration between SAINT MICHAEL and that iconic JAPANESE ANIME

Collaboration between SAINT MICHAEL and that iconic JAPANESE ANIME
The collaboration between SAINT MICHAEL and the Japanese anime "EVANGELION" has been the talk of the town among fashion geeks for the Fall/Winter 2021 season.
This time, we would like to introduce SWT SH EVANGELION from the collaboration.

SAINT MICHAEL with Mr. Yuta Hosokawa of READYMADE( READYMADE ). SAINT MICHAEL is a brand specializing in vintage processing, created by Mr. Yuta Hosokawa of READYMADE and Ms. Cali Thrnhill DeWitt, based in Los Angeles, and will be active from Autumn/Winter 2020.

The year 2021 is the year that Shin Evangelion the Movie II was screened on March 8!
Therefore, this collaboration is aptly timed to coincide with that!
The print on the front is from the first plane's runaway characteristic, when its bright red teeth are exposed.

This is a memorable scene in each scenario, including games, anime, manga, novels, and theater versions, at a time when the story makes a major move.

This is also the scene where the first plane goes out of control after exceeding its activity limit during the battle against the 14th Apostle Zeruel. This is an impressive transformation of the "human" side of the Android Evangelion, a general-purpose humanoid battle weapon that overturns the conventional concept of a robot.
The print on the back is the title of the final episode of the anime version, "The Last Episode: The Thing That Cried Ai in the Center of the World.

"Last Episode Just Shouting "Ai" in the Center of the World" is from the novel by Harlan Engels and represents what director Anno wanted to express through his work Evangelion. ("Ai" means "love" in Japanese.)

The Lance of Longinus printed on both arms is said to be derived from the spear used by Roman soldiers to confirm the life and death of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

In the film, it is depicted as an anti-AT field that nullifies the AT field, and as a particularly important special weapon to pierce the field.

In the new movie, two Longinus spears are depicted on both arms of the awakened Unit 13, so it can be inferred that this is a reference from there.


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