Astro Biker Jacket Made By Helmut Lang Himself

Astro Biker Jacket Made By Helmut Lang Himself
In recent years, HELMUT LANG's items from around 1990 to the 2000s have been highly valued. The brand still boasts high popularity, but why are items from this period highly valued?
To explain this, we have to go back in time a little.

The time was started in 1976 in Vienna by Mr. Helmut Lang using his own name, HELMUT LANG. He then made his debut at the Paris Collection in 1986. After gaining popularity in Europe, he chose New York as his next stage.

In 1998, he made his debut at the New York collections. In 1999, the brand was acquired by PRADA and became a part of PRADA. In 2002, he returned to Paris, but in December 2004, PRADA acquired all of his shares, making him a wholly owned subsidiary, and a month later, in January 2005, he was named the "Menswear Designer of the Year" at the CFDA Awards. Helmut Lang resigned as designer. In 2006, PRADA sold HELMUT LANG to a Japanese company, and since then, Japanese designers and others have been active in the company.

Yes, you have already noticed this, haven't you?
The period from 1990s to 2005, when Mr. Lang himself was designing, is called "his period," and items made in this period are very precious. This Astro Biker Jacket was made in 1999 and is a very popular item. How about wearing this item made by Mr. Helmut Lang on this occasion?