【BAPE/HUMAN MADE】Introduction of great brand items that Mr. NIGO is involved in.

【BAPE/HUMAN MADE】Introduction of great brand items that Mr. NIGO is involved in.

NIGO founded A BATHING APE (a.k.a. BAPE) in 1993, leading Japan's "Urahara Culture", and is currently a designer for HUMAN MADE® and KENZO, a member of the hip-hop unit "TERIYAKI BOYZ", a music producer, and more. He is also active as a music producer and a member of the hip-hop unit "Terasaki Boyz.

This time, we would like to introduce items from BAPE and HUMAN MADE® created by Mr. NIGO.First, let's start with A BATHING APE.

A BATHING APE and mastermind JAPAN have collaborated several times, but this time we are introducing a snowboard jacket from their collaboration in the fall/winter of 2016.This item has been difficult to find even in Japan due to a collaboration that took place several years ago.

 Next, BAPE has many representative patterns such as SHARK HOODIE, BAPESTA, and BABY MILO, but TIGER HOODIE is just as popular. Tiger face on this hood. It's a full-zip hoodie, so if you zip it all the way up, your face is a tiger...It is such a playful hoodie.

Next up are the SHARK pattern pants introduced earlier as the typical face of BAPE. SHARK's face on the crotch...These pants, which have an impact and are immediately recognizable as BAPE, are also extremely popular.

 Next, we will introduce items from HUMAN MADE. This is also a brand created by Mr. NIGO, and is famous for collaborating with UNDERCOVER, Girl's Don't Cry, and KAWS, brands with which Mr. NIGO has a close relationship, and recently, LOUIS VUITTON and Mr. NIGO collaborated, and I feel that it became more popular because Mr. NIGO was appointed as the designer of KENZO.

First, a fleece jacket. The brand name "HUMAN MADE" logo on the back is standard. Such logos are also very popular because they are somewhat cute and pop-like.

Next is a hoodie with the brand's main character, the duck, on the front. The duck also appears on the cover of the album "I Know NIGO," released in 2022 by NIGO, who is also a music producer.

Last but not least, HUMAN MADE has collaborated with Rags McGregor to create a jacket that successfully combines Rags McGregor's artistry with HUMAN MADE's playful, pop-inspired style.

BAPE and HUMAN MADE have many other valuable products. We also have many BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB and ICECREAM (BBC/ICECREAM) available in our store. Please take a look.