That ARCHIVE of RAF SIMONS is finally in stock

That ARCHIVE of RAF SIMONS is finally in stock

So-called archival products, which are more than 10 years old, have become quite popular. Among them is the brand RAF SIMONS, founded by PRADA's creative director, RAF SIMONS. This brand is popular for its archival items, along with Maison Margiela and Helmut Lang. This time, we would like to introduce some of their most popular items from 04AW, commonly known as "WAVES". In Japan, we call them "religious periods. 

The origin of the "Religious Period" was originally a collection based on the novel "Siddhartha" by the German writer Hermann Hesse about a seeker. Siddhartha refers to the Buddha, hence the name "religious period.

The reason "WAVES" has become so popular is probably because American rappers and celebrities have worn it. Their wearing made them popular all over the world, and of course, Japan was no exception.

This sweater has a WAVES-like oversized silhouette with a large "WAVE" written on the front. The sleeves hang down lazily, creating an atmosphere that is truly WAVES-like.

In addition to the archive, RAF SIMONS and Dries Van Noten are also in stock one after another, so please take a look.